Coleraine Eco-Cottage November 12

A week of great finishing progress.  Hardwood floors all installed.  Ceramic tiles all installed.  And painting underway.

Family Bathroom all tiled. Just need a Rubber Duckie !

Master Bathroom. Tub and Shower.

Benjamin Moore Eco-Spec. Zero-VOC Healthy Paint.

To PZEV or not PZEV…

Eco-Habitat’s first and only vehicle is a new 2011 Subaru Outback PZEV.  What is “PZEV” ?  It stands for Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle.  Based on the upcoming California emissions standards, this Subaru has a special emissions system that reduces tailpipe emissions by 90%.  Subaru sells only PZEV versions of its cars in many U.S. states, yet in Canada it is only available on certain models – why would that be ?

Here is a report on the Outback PZEV (from the Vancouver Free Press): “The latest engineering goody to be brought forward by Subaru is its Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle system. Found in Legacy, Outback and Forester models, PZEV basically reduces tailpipe fumes through the use of a super-efficient charcoal air-filtration system, redesigned fuel injectors, a reprogrammed Electronic Control Model, and a beefed-up catalytic converter. Slightly advanced ignition also heats up the catalytic converter more promptly than usual, further reducing the amount of unburned gases escaping through the system during cold starts.     You could probably argue that all of this is as much a case of fine-tuning as it is new technology. But either way, the results, says Subaru, give PZEV models almost 90-percent cleaner exhaust than most new gasoline-fuelled vehicles and are just a whisker away from a zero-emissions rating. And this is without sacrificing performance or fuel economy.”

In the EPA ratings of vehicles based on air pollution, the Outback PZEV gets a 9.5 out of 10, the highest rating given, and the same score as Toyota Prius and other highly-efficient hybrids.

So when Eco-Habitat is not walking or cycling to get around, at least its vehicle is as Green as can be.

Check out a Subaru PZEV for your next vehicle, or another vehicle with this amazingly-simple yet powerful technology.  Many other manufacturers also offer PZEV, so look for it and ask for it.  Every car can make a difference !

Coleraine Eco-Cottage November 5

Work on the interior forges ahead.  This week the gyproc was all completed and plastering is well underway – a whole new look and feel to the place.  Electrical finishing is also underway, bringing more lighting to brighten up the dark November days.

Foamed and ready for Gyproc !

Gyproc and One Coat of Plaster. Even some lighting.

The installation of the hardwood flooring began today.  Solid Oak flooring, 3/4″ thick and 7″ wide, will bring an amazing finish to the floors throughout the house.  No pre-fab/engineered fake floors here – only the best of locally sourced hardwood.

Oak Floors underway in the Master Bedroom.

Coleraine Eco-Cottage November 1

The facade and side have evolved from old, cracked bricks to exposed wood framing and finally to beautiful new bricks.  All we need now is windows and doors…

Facade "Before"

Facade Stripped of Bricks

Facade With All New Bricks