FreeCycling on Charon (The Dep)

Working on stripping out the inside of “The Dep” this week.  Unfortunately there is a ton of stuff that goes into a container.  Plaster from the walls and ceilings must be removed to reveal all the wonderful structure underneath.

We always strive to minimize the amounts going into the container by putting free stuff out on the sidewalk to be re-used or recycled.  The response on Charon has been very positive.  All of the interior doors have been picked up to be re-used.  As well as all of the door casings and the baseboards.  Slightly-used fluorescent tubes from the stores’ light fixtures have been picked up.  A substantial amount of wood (clean and free of nails) also.

And a local scrap merchant has removed everything made of metal to be recycled – this includes all pipes, wiring, the oil furnace and the oil tank.

The old place is looking lighter and brighter already !