Charon Eco-Condo: Up in the Trees

Adding the third floor to the addition.  Just about ready to put the roof on.  Two large openings for Patio Doors will lead onto a large deck.  Looks out amongst the trees and with a great view of downtown and the mountain.

Third Floor of New Addition

Getting Bigger and Better – June 16,2011

The addition at the back is now two storeys high.  Great to see the new size and shape of the first and second floor units.

Next week the third floor and the roof !

Two floors done, One more to go.

Under the Watchful Eyes of "Owl", the Plastic Security Guard

New Addition Takes Shape

The inside structure has all been re-built bigger and stronger than ever.

So now the focus turns to the addition on the back.

First comes the excavation.  A giant hole in a small back yard.  I heard one of the neighbour’s kids screaming upon returning home from school ” Look, they’re putting in an in-ground pool ! ! “.  She will be disappointed by our progress since then.

Than comes the foundation, complete with french drain all around and waterproofing in place.

Foundation for the Addition. (not a pool)

And then the addition starts to take shape.  One floor done, two to go !

The Addition Takes Shape.

Stay tuned as the Addition gets higher and higher.