Coleraine – Message from the (Happy) Homeowners

Investir dans une propriété représente toujours un moment fort en émotions mais aussi important financièrement. Le choix judicieux d’une maison dans laquelle on se sent bien est primordial, mais le choix de celui qui l’a conçu l’est tout autant.

Heureux propriétaires du projet Coleraine à Pointe St. Charles, c’est un coup de cœur qui nous a conduits a acquérir la maison et faire confiance à Paul King et Duncan Morrison, les fondateurs de ecoHabitat.  En plus d’être de sympathiques et honnêtes personnes, Paul et Duncan possèdent un sens de service à la clientèle hors du commun, et portent un soin attentionné aux moindres détails, donnant un caractère unique à leurs projets.

C’est sans réserve que nous vous invitons à faire affaires avec ecoHabitat.


Isabelle Dufour & Stéphane Ricoul

Coleraine Cottage images et description

Investing in a property is always an important choice, financially as well as emotionally. Choosing the right house, where you feel at home is so important, and that is the priority as well for Paul King and Duncan Morrison, the co-founders of ecoHabitat, the builder of the project in Pointe St-Charles.

As a happy owner of an ecoHabitat property in the Coleraine project in Pointe St-Charles, we had put our trust in Paul King and Duncan Morrison, and we were not disappointed at all with all the care, personal customer service and honesty these people showed us through the process of buying a home. They are attentive to every little detail when they build a property or when they have a new project in place, giving it a unique character.

We are confident that you will appreciate your experience with ecoHabitat, should you decide to do business with them.

Thank you

Isabelle Dufour & Stéphane Ricoul

Coleraine Cottage photos & description

Eco-Habitat in The Gazette

On Saturday April 12, The Gazette HomeFront Section featured an article on Eco-Habitat.  Great exposure for our business and specifically for our house on Coleraine.  Thanks to Donna Nebenzahl and The Gazette for their support.

Please note the minor corrections that our architect’s name is Eric Majer (not Madjer) and our phone number is 514-564-1455 (they printed our fax number).


Coleraine Eco-Cottage Vendu ! Sold !

After several weeks of considering different options, our Coleraine Eco-Cottage has found someone with whom to share its life.  Many phone calls, visits and open houses were involved.  And suddenly, it was love at first sight.  The house is looking forward to living with its new owners, and vice-versa !


Coleraine Eco-Cottage is on the Market!

2349 rue Coleraine, fully renovated

Learn more about the property

Coleraine Eco-Cottage December 28

Modern Stairs. Going Down...

Living Room. All finished and ready for furniture !

Coleraine Eco-Cottage December 18

The Entrance dazzles in Red:

Entrance Hall in Red. Entrance Closet wrapped in Cedar.

The Living and Dining Area is open all around. Perfect for relaxing, enjoying and entertaining (furniture recommended).

Open Spaces.  Open me a Heineken please...

The Ensuite Master Bathroom features a Soaker Tub, Heated Tile Floor and this Splendid Shower with both Rain Shower and Hand-held Shower.

Master Bathroom Shower. Shower the People... (a james taylor song)

More photos coming soon !    Wait until you see the Kitchen ! And the Master Bedroom !  And the Basement !  And the Open Stairway !  And…

Coleraine Eco-Cottage December 15

The last few weeks have seen  the following installed: new Energy-Star Windows, Very Kool Kitchen and new Steel Stairways.  Bathrooms are now complete and Painting finished up.  Today the final coat of Low-VOC Water-based finish goes on the floors.  Next the Quartz Counters get installed in the kitchen and the tile backsplash installed.

Then we polish up the place and get it ready to show off at our first Open House.  Stay tuned for details.

Cold Outside, Toasty Warm Inside !

All Dressed Up in Grey ! ( just the eaves to finish up... )

New Stairs! New Paint! Fresh Floors! When Can We Move In ?

Coleraine Eco-Cottage November 12

A week of great finishing progress.  Hardwood floors all installed.  Ceramic tiles all installed.  And painting underway.

Family Bathroom all tiled. Just need a Rubber Duckie !

Master Bathroom. Tub and Shower.

Benjamin Moore Eco-Spec. Zero-VOC Healthy Paint.

Coleraine Eco-Cottage November 5

Work on the interior forges ahead.  This week the gyproc was all completed and plastering is well underway – a whole new look and feel to the place.  Electrical finishing is also underway, bringing more lighting to brighten up the dark November days.

Foamed and ready for Gyproc !

Gyproc and One Coat of Plaster. Even some lighting.

The installation of the hardwood flooring began today.  Solid Oak flooring, 3/4″ thick and 7″ wide, will bring an amazing finish to the floors throughout the house.  No pre-fab/engineered fake floors here – only the best of locally sourced hardwood.

Oak Floors underway in the Master Bedroom.

Coleraine Eco-Cottage November 1

The facade and side have evolved from old, cracked bricks to exposed wood framing and finally to beautiful new bricks.  All we need now is windows and doors…

Facade "Before"

Facade Stripped of Bricks

Facade With All New Bricks