When stripping out a building, we try to re-use whatever we can.  We put aside all the lumber we can to be re-used for construction.  When removing the exterior bricks, we have kept a bunch of them to use as blocks for a walkway and a parking pad (hopefully for an electric car).  We also put aside all items that could be of use to others – examples here are a pile of wooden planks from between the roof joists and the original wooden windows.  A gentleman named Normand has already taken most of the buildings interior baseboards and trim to re-use in a cottage he is building.  He also returned to take the original wooden windows.  The more we re-use and recycle, the less goes into landfill.

Old Bricks Waiting For Their New Purpose In Life

Ready to Become Shelves or Coffee Tables ?

Old Windows. Ready To Go To Normand's Cottage